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Relocation, Downsizing and Move-In Decorating

Preparing to Move or Downsizing Consultation

I provide consultation in advance of a move or downsizing to assist in selecting those items of furniture and accessories that should be retained to compliment your new home. My assistance also includes helping you to select those items which should be sold at a yard sale or donated.
This helps ensure to move only necessary items and retain those furnishings you really love which will look great in your new space. I also can help merge households, artfully combining different styles of furnishings to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Are you preparing your home to look its best for sale? While I don’t do formal staging, I can make recommendations to edit, simplify and rearrange furniture and for easy, simple, and inexpensive changes that will improve the appeal of your home to prospective buyers.

Move-In Decorating

Moving to a new location can be challenging and exciting all at the same time. Moving furniture from one environment to another often raises questions about how the old furniture should be arranged to accommodate a different layout. I can assist you in the selection of new colors, flooring, carpets, and the placement of furniture, art and accessories to help you to quickly settle in to your new home. Often, new furniture is not needed, but the strategic arrangement of your existing pieces is important to achieve optimum enjoyment of your new living space. I can also make suggestions as to additional furnishings, re-upholstery fabrics, textures or accessories and pass along any designer discounts I may be able to obtain to you. I also provide shopping services to find just the right additions, either with you or from with a list of and parameters you have pre-approved.